Big Creek Limestone - About Us - Stinesville, IN Limestone Quarry and Fabrication CenterBig Creek Limestone was formed in early 2003 with the purchase of about 350 acres of quarry land in the Stinesville District of the Indiana Limestone Belt. The Stinesville District was the first main commercial limestone quarry and fabrication center for the Indiana limestone industry.

The industry later expanded to the southeast along the limestone belt through Monroe County and Lawrence County. Based on an inspection of the property and a review of reports from the State Geologist of Indiana in the early 1900’s, the Big Creek property was first quarried in the 1850’s along Big Creek. Prior to the reopening in 2003, it appears that the last active quarrying on the property was in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. It is reported that the limestone for the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Monument Circle in Indianapolis came from the Terre Haute Quarry which was immediately adjacent to Big Creeks’ current quarry operations. Additionally, stone from the Stinesville District was used on courthouses throughout Indiana (including Monroe County) and for commercial projects as far east as New York. To learn more about Indiana Limestone see Indiana Limestone Institute publications

Big Creek Limestone was created by members of the Edgeworth family (Terry Edgeworth, Mike Edgeworth, Maggie Edgeworth Randall, and David Edgeworth) after selling their interest in a previous limestone venture. The family members are third and fourth generation Indiana limestone quarry operators and are proud to serve the natural stone industry.

Big Creek quarry operations are an open pit plan using quarry belt saws from WF Meyers and front-end loaders to extract quarry blocks. Blocks are typically scabbled and then sold as blocks or sawn into slabs by a Standish narrow belt saw. Slabs are sold as a raw material or further processed into sills. Big Creek maintains an office at the quarry.